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  • OverCEM-Universal - DPCM01

    OverCEM-Universal - DPCM01

    OverCEM SA & Overfibers PostInnovative Dual-Curing Self-Adhesive Resin Cement OverCEM SA dual-curing self-adhesive resin cement eliminates the need for etching tooth structure and application of primer/bonding agent with the advantage of saving time. OverCEM SA is Multi-purpose Luting material to Zirconia, Ceramics, Metals, Lithium disilicate, Posts and Composites. Indicated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays, titanium ceramic, Co-Cr ceramic in implant prosthodontics, glass and metal posts, dowels.

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  • OverCEM-TI-Abutment- DPCM02

    OverCEM-TI-Abutment- DPCM02

    OverCEM Ti- Abutment is Overfibers’ Permanent Extraoral Ti-Abutment Cement to Bond All StructuralMaterials: Zirconia, Lithium Disilicate, Ceramics, Metals and Composites.OverCEM Ti-Abutment is the Dual-Curing and Self-Adhesive Innovative Formula for Extraoral Cementation,with active adhesive monomers for dental tissues, zirconia and metals.The Extra-Opaque shade ensures maximum ideal coverage of dark substrates.The Small Automixing T-Mixer allows for -30% waste of product.The package contains 1 Extra Opaque 9,5 syringe, 15 T-Mixer Regular, instructions and technique guide.

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