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  • DPLB05-1 DPLB05-3

    Curing Light Plastic Sheel-Silver (DPLB05)

    The latest dental curing lights provide several advantages for clinicians. LED curing lights offer a wide range of advanced features, such as multi-wavelength operation, cordless portability and long battery life. They are also lightweight and maneuverable with ergonomic designs, allowing them to be used in tight spaces or awkward angles. Halogen lights may not have all the features of LEDs, but they have superior intensity and consistency compared to other curing lights. Both types of lights offer adjustable timers and intensity settings, allowing clinicians to customize the light output for specific applications. In addition, many modern curing lights feature detachable heads that can be used with multiple hand pieces or attachments for added flexibility.  

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  • PACK OF 10 (34)

    EASY view+ Dental Visual Communicator 24004000 (DPRE01)

    Renfert EASY view+, the Dental Visual Communicator for digital object viewing. Digital visual capture allows you to better visualize, edit and share your daily work. In addition to classic live viewing with three zoom levels, you can spontaneously generate images at the touch of a button. Create videos via the direct interface to your laptop and share e.g. patient cases simultaneously with others. Simply use your familiar programs to edit the image files. Three magnification levels (4x, 15x and 20x), for comprehensive or detailed/microscopic viewing. Connection to your laptop* via an online meeting tool makes case discussion with the dentist easy and efficient. Free choice of monitor** allows for an individual adaptation to your needs. Optional accessories: Renfert CONNECT *** (Renfert CONNECT stick and Renfert CONNECT app for integration into the network and wireless data synchronization between EASY view+ data storage and app).* System requirements: Microsoft Windows® 10 and higher; Intel® Core™ i3 and higher | Apple® macOS® 10.15 and higher; Intel® Core™ i5 and higher.** 3D function is only possible via Renfert monitor; 2D monitor with resolution 1920x1080 (Full HD). Free movement in 4x mode: significant height differences (approx. 70 mm) do not lead to any loss of sharpness. Image storage in the common JPEG image format. The 3D function combined with the low latency time enables precise, safe and natural hand-eye coordination.   

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  • PACK OF 10 (60)

    POWER steamer descaler (DPRE05)

    POWER steamer descaler is a concentrated descaling solution for effective as well as gentle descaling of both POWER steamers. Advantages Descaling that is both effective and gentle on material – the formulation is especially adapted for the aluminum pressure tank (incl. corrosion protection). Considerably faster descaling than with standard commercial descaling solutions. Details 1 liter of concentrate: practical handling, effective cleaning. Can be poured in directly and only requires dilution with water.

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  • PACK OF 10 (74)

    Easyclean TECH Ultrasonic cleaning unit

    The Easyclean MD ultrasonic cleaning unit is used for powerful cleaning or pre-cleaning* of medical devices such as e.g. abutments and dentures as well as instrumentation (*does not replace reprocessing in the automated washer disinfector). The MDR-compliant unit (MDR = Medical Device Regulation) is the ideal solution for cleaning medical devices and equipment as easily as possible. Easyclean MD is intuitive to operate, offers several ultrasonic modes, and impresses with a modern design. Advantages As a Class I medical device, Easyclean MD meets the requirements of the Medical Devices Regulation (EU) 2017/745. With five pre-configured ultrasonic modes, the right program can be activated for any situation. Intuitive operation facilitates effortless creation of custom programs. Details Powerful cleaning. Smart feedback function. Ultrasonic frequency of 37 kHz. Configurable threshold temperature. Simple operation and clear menu guidance. Equipped with heating as standard.

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  • PACK OF 10 (11)

    Pillo-Renfert (DPRE02)

    Laboratory-fabricated restorations are gently, quickly and easily deflasked using the Pillo. Advantages Save time and money with powerful and gentle devesting of sensitive restorations (castings, dentures). Absolutely maintenance-free due to special oil-free mechanism. Maximum health protection provided by minimal transmission of vibration to the joints. Details Infinitely variable power setting. The ergonomic form provides an optimum, reliable grip and a high degree of working comfort.

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  • PACK OF 10 (10)

    Basic master Fine sandblasting Unit (DPRE03)

    Fine sandblasting unit with 2 blasting tanks and large blasting chamber. Advantages Homogeneous and tension-free surfaces thanks to the special mixing chamber technology (Venturi principle), regardless of the fill level of the sandblasting tank. High economic efficiency as there is no unnecessary after-flow of sandblasting material. Targeted, precise sandblasting due to excellent illumination of the blasting chamber with LED Tecnology. Details Large sandblasting chamber (20 l) allows ample freedom of movement. Good, long-lasting visibility of the objects through silicone-coated glass panel (10x longer service life)

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  • PACK OF 10 (61)

    MT3 Wet trimmer (DPRE06)

    The MT3 wet trimmer is impressive due to its exceptionally powerful motor. With the MT3 Renfert provides high-performance trimming at a low price.   Advantages Quick change of the trimmer table angle using the practical tipping mechanism (90°/ 98°). Safety: when the front door is opened a safety switch stops the motor and water. Uniform coverage by the optimally positioned spray tube prevents clogging of the trimmer disc. Details Optimum view of the model due to a 10° inclination of the unit. Easy guidance of the plaster model with the aid of slotted angle lines on the trimmer table.

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  • PACK OF 10 (59)

    POWER steamer II (DPRE04)

    The new, powerful POWER steamer 2 sets new standards in reliability and durability and impresses with its outstanding cleaning performance. Any kind of typical soiling can be easily and effectively removed. Using the mains water connection and integrated pump, the pressure tank is filled automatically and ensures availability of steam at all times. Advantages Particularly durable heating system – the heating element is cast inside the floor of the boiler to protect it against water, limescale, and the chemicals used during cleaning. High functional reliability and dependability thanks to a real-time calcification indicator. Simple cleaning of the pressure tank thanks to an extra-large service opening. Details Continuous and effective cleaning performance thanks up to 2,000 W and 4.5 bar working pressure in combination with innovative steam nozzle technology. Availability of steam at all times – even during heavy-duty continuous use – thanks to automatic filling using the mains water connection and integrated pump. Optimal control through display of the current working pressure using a manometer. Significant reduction in workload when rinsing, cleaning, and descaling the pressure tank thanks to an effective rinsing program. Safe and convenient steam cleaning thanks to an ergonomic handpiece (the housing safely dissipates electrostatic charge). Easy filling of water and descaling solution thanks to handy, hopper-shaped fillers. Wall mounting possible using an optional wall bracket.

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  • IT blasting hose incl. handpiece 25-70 μm

    IT blasting hose incl. handpiece 25-70 μm

    Renfert IT hose with handpiece kit for Basic sandblasters. For media 25-70µn. Part number 929000050.

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  • Stainless steel basket

    Stainless steel basket

    Stainless steel basket Item number 18500003 Description: For storage of cleaning items. To protect the floor of the ultrasonic tank. Scope of delivery:1 piece

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