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    ### How to Upload a Digital File for Your Site **Step 1: Pick the File**1. Navigate to the folder on your computer where your digital file is saved.2. Select the file you wish to upload by clicking on it. **Step 2: Upload the File**1. Go to the upload section on our website.2. Click on the "Upload" button.3. In the file dialog box that appears, find and select your file, then click "Open" or "Upload". **Step 3: Ensure the File is Under 5GB**1. Check the file size before uploading to make sure it is less than 5GB.2. If your file exceeds 5GB, compress or split it into smaller parts before uploading. **Step 4: Complete the Payment**1. Proceed to the payment section after successfully uploading your file.2. Enter your payment details and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.3. Make sure to receive a confirmation message indicating your payment was successful. **Step 5: Wait for the Design Team to Complete the Task**1. After payment, your file will be sent to our design team.2. You will receive a confirmation email with an estimated timeline for when the task will be completed.3. Wait for further communication from our team regarding the completion of your design task. By following these steps, you can ensure your digital file is uploaded, processed, and handled efficiently by our team.

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