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    Introducing the first ever MPF Composite Warming Palette. This unique innovation has been designed to bring the composite to a more malleable consistency which assists the user in manipulating the composite when restoring small or long span restorations especially when the need for extensive gingival adaptation in hybrid cases is required. The palette case has been created from a polycarbonate material that is called “Makrolon”, and has stable UV properties that prevents direct UV light from polymerizing the composite within the tray. Furthermore, the lid of the palette box has the ability to remain open at any height you desire, in order to prevent direct light from your laboratory surroundings  

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    Stain- Opaque Palette, White (DPMPF33)

    Smart storage solution for stain and paste opaque materials. Durable plastic structure. Tight seal lid.The unique, angled, step-type design of the Stain & Paste Opaque Palette allows easy access to materials. Reservoirs have a very unique design, elongated towards the rear so that material flows to the back of the cup, preventing spillage. The tight seal lid prevents oxygen drying out materials. A colour chart helps keep material colours in order.

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    Ceramomix™ Zirconia Spatula (DPMPF29)

    Ceramic mixing instrument that prevents contamination of ceramic material.The spatula has been developed and combined with our spring activated technology, to relieve pressure on the zirconia blade when mixing, this has enhanced the life span of this product by 10 fold.  

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    CAD Artistry Mixing Palette (DPMPF28)

    The CAD Artistry Palette was designed with two different options of humidification to keep the proper moisture and proper consistency of ceramic material. The two platforms on the ceramic tray allow you to choose between humidification with water or with liquid. Choose between working on a nylon sheet or using the synthetic strips. Eleven stain compartments act as storage for your favourite stains and colours.

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    Brush Pool Complete (DPMPF31)

    Egronomic and durable design for cleaning and storing your favourite MPF brushes. The base is made out of silicon which makes it very easy to clean and dry. Kit Items: Item No. 111-0000-Brush PoolItem No. 111-0001-Replacement BowlItem No. 111-0002-Replacement Sponge

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    MPF Cube Stand Blue (DPMPF32)

    Ergonomic stand for storing your brushes.Item No. 300-1000Blue  

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    MPF Spider Klip (DPMPF30)

    The Master Klip Tweezers are a spring activated hand tool that has stainless steel pointed holders that are activated and deactivated when the base of the tweezer is pressed.These Tweezers are very useful for holding onto delicate prosthesis such as crown and veneers when staining or creating additions.

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    Optimum™ Instrument Bench Stand (DPMPF13)

    Keeps all your brushes and tools in one place. Easy Grab-N-Go design, durable and elegant.

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