Lithium Disilicate Preparation Kit

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    Lithium Disilicate Preparation Kit (DPJT1433)

    The Jota LS Gloss Laboratory Kit is a precisely coordinated processing and polishing system for lithium disilicate, which covers all working steps from cutting off the restoration to high-gloss polishing. The specially developed two-stage diamond polishers are complemented by the proven Jota diamond stones and matching diamond instruments. With the LS Gloss polishing system, a perfect high gloss is achieved in just two polishing steps, eliminating the need for the glaze firing. Items Included:849.HP.014SD652RF.HP.035SD716F.HP.150932D.HP.220LS9878M.HP.140LS9878F.HP.140LS9875M.HP.260LS9875F.HP.260

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