LS-ZIR Polishing Kit

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  • LS-ZIR Polishing Kit (DPJT1452)

    LS-ZIR Polishing Kit (DPJT1452)

    KIT 1452 contains all the necessary instruments for contouring, finishing, and polishing zirconium-reinforced lithium silicate restorations in the laboratory. Diamond instruments are used to finish supra-contact points, characterize occlusal and vestibular surfaces, and separate the crowns from the block. The green Diamond Stone is intended for rough grinding of the bonding contacts. In addition, the kit contains prepolishers and high-gloss polishers that provide high-gloss results and can be used without polishing paste. Items included:859LF.HP.018SD722F.HP.220 (DPJT722)ZIR9868M.HP.140 (DPJT9868M)ZIR9868F.HP.140 (DPJT9868F)9802G.HP.1709802F.HP.170  

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