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    Magnum Hyperone Titanium Discs

    Description Innovative material, grade 23 titanium Highly biocompatible Low specific weight Optimal modulus of compatibility for a more stable result Composition in %Titanium (Ti) 90 % Aluminium (Al) 6 % Vanadium (V) 4 % Others FePhysical and mechanical features Solidus-liquidus temperature 1605 ÷ 1660 °C Melting point 1710 °C Density 4,426 g/cmc Vickers hardness 312 HV10 Percentage elongation at fracture 14 % Yield load strength (Rp0.2) (Rp0.2) 880 MPa Modulus of elasticity 114 GPa Colour White CE 0425 MATERIAL ACCORDING TO: ASTM F136 Dimensions PLAIN Ø98.5x10mm | DISC CUT Ø98.5x12mm | DISC CUT Ø98.5×13.5mm | DISC CUT Ø98.5x14mm | DISC CUT Ø98.5x15mm | DISC CUT Ø98.5x16mm | DISC CUT Ø98.5x18mm | DISC CUT Ø98.5x20mm | DISC CUT Ø98.5x22mm | DISC CUT Ø98.5×24.5mm | DISC CUT Ø98.5x25mm

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