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    Denture Polish Kit (DPJT1877)

    The Dentur Polish Kit 1877 is a practical polishing system for all types of acrylic dentures: easy to use, fast and with excellent results. The kit consists of a 3-step polishing system and complementary brushes. For best results, the Kit 1877 should be combined with Jota‘s high gloss emulsion with article number 1550.Includes the following burs:9572G HP9574G HP9572M HP9574M HP9572F HP9574F HP1170 HP1164 HP

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    Accufab-L4D-L4K Printer

    Shining3D ACCUFAB L4D IS THE IDEAL 3D PRINTER FOR USE IN DENTAL MEDICINEThe Shining3D AccuFab L4D is an accurate and reliable dental DLP 3D printer. AccuFab L4D is the latest digital solutions tool in the Shining3D range. It is a high-volume dental 3D printer that has been developed to make 3D printing solutions more accessible to everyone. It brings users a unique 3D printing experience with its features. CONTACTCombine Aoralscan with AccuFab: A brilliant intraoral 3D scanner, 3D printer and a range of dental materials provide an exceptional digital dentistry experience.AccuDesign: lifetime free software for creating CAD models is included with the purchase of AccuFab L4D. Cloud platform: the Shining3D platform is cloud-based, allowing data transfer and communication between clinics and dental laboratories.

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    Fluorescent Spray Glaze Starter Kit

    The kit contains: 2 kilos of Universal Fluorescent Glaze powder, Scale Magnetic stirrer with stirring rod Glass jar Compressor spray booth Paasche model H airbrush The Fluorescent Spray Glaze Starter Kit is a product designed to add a fluorescent effect to restorations and dental appliances. The kit contains all the necessary materials to apply a uniform and accurate coat of fluorescent glaze to dental ceramics.The low fusing ceramic powder can be applied directly onto set surface stains without running or bleeding of stains. The resulting glaze is highly fluorescent and can be applied at temperatures as low as 1346°F (730°C) - 1562°F (850°C), making it suitable for use with most dental ceramics. It is often used in conjunction with dental implants, bridges, and other restorations to give them a more natural and lifelike appearance.Overall, the Fluorescent Spray Glaze Starter Kit is a popular and effective tool to those who are looking to enhance the esthetics of their restorations and provide patients with a more natural-looking smile.

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