Zirconia Dental Plus 98mm

Our Zirconia discs offer superior chroma for a natural look and efficient production speed. The disc's cervical area has intense chroma, which reduces towards the incisal area. As an additional feature, the top third of the disc is constructed with an incisal blue gray effect to reduce white L* value and present the tooth's natural blueish grayish translucency. This tailored dental solution is designed to give you the exact shade after milling and sintering are complete. With Dental Plus Zirconia, you can be sure that your results will look realistic and professional.

Available in size: 98 mm*18mm, 98 mm*22mm, 98 mm*25mm, 98 mm*28mm

Available color: A1, A2, A3, B1, C1, C2, D2, BL1, BL3.